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Hi, my name is Gerbil and as you can see I am not a small pet although I got my nickname from the animal because I had a few when I was young. I lived in a small very narrow, minded village in South Wales and to own a gerbil was a very exotic thing to do, though I did know a guy in the next village who had two pythons, a tarantula and long hair. Some of the local thugs in the village would sometimes baby-sit for my two brothers and I (my folks weren't choosy and also as we were ourselves little rascals it was a case of anyone would do to get a night off). The thug cum babysitter got the gerbils out of the cage to play with them and got bitten and frustrated trying to catch them as they ran underneath the furniture. Since that day on I was labelled Gerbil and it kind of stuck. Maybe you were expecting one of those Freddie Starr/Ozzie Osbourne/Gary Glitter kind of stories but I am not that kind of guy. Not many people use the name now, as I no longer live in South Wales but the South of France where I retired to from the South of London after driving a London Bus for five years. Going on the web was a chance to be reborn as Gerbil again. I live with my girlfriend Mutant and together we have a son Vincent. We are both keen photographers and I like to shoot mountains whereas Mutant prefers shooting people. Have a look at my Gallery if you like rocks.

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